Kata Muhel - 2018 Portugese AeroPress champion

Posted in WAC | Jan 29th 2021

Kata is the 2018 Portuguese AeroPress champion and all-round legend.

We are big fans of her 'Love Me Some Acid' recipe on AeroPrecipe.com so we reached out to say hello. It turns out Kata has an interesting history in entering the coffee world and we are really happy to share it with you here...

"I started working as a barista a little over a year ago in Lisbon. I am from Hungary and I did my BSc there, as well as working in my field as a city planner, but then I decided to do a master in Denmark, so I pimped up my degree to a sustainable city engineer.

In the end, I still didn't find that special thing in it that I was looking for so I started thinking, and as I was always interested in speciality coffee and I saw a job opening in Lisbon, I packed my bags and left Copenhagen.

I had a 3-month training before starting and that gave me a really good base for working in the speciality coffee world. I got into it pretty much, filter coffees became my favourite and when I saw that Portugal was having the first-ever national AeroPress Championship I went for it without question.

I started to practice and figure out recipes and as my nature is pretty competitive I didn't stop until I managed to create one that I liked everything about :) I was beyond happy that I won the first-ever Portuguese AeroPress Championship and the local coffee community has been inspiring and supportive about it."

Thanks, Kata!

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