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Championship Recipes

Brew like the best - here's a list of tried and true recipes from AeroPress Champions.

Share with a friend

Coffee with friends - or two for you. Here's some recipes to get more coffee from your AeroPress.

Low on beans

Running low on beans? Don't worry! This collection showcases recipes big on flavour & low on bean count.

Fast and furious

In a rush? These recipes under 1:30 will help you get to where you're going, quicker.

AeroPress espresso

Yeah we know the AeroPress isn't made for espresso BUT these recipes will get you close.

A dash of milk

You put milk in your coffee?! Ok, ok - here's a few AeroPress recipes for milk coffee lovers.

From a Barista

James Hoffmann's Ultimate AeroPress Recipe

James Hoffmann's Ultimate AeroPress Recipe

From an Enthusiast

13g that makes you happy

Quick & simple. Guaranteed happiness with this clean, balanced and sweet cup.

From a Barista

James Hoffmann

James Hoffmann's AeroPress recipe for making a good milk based coffee at home.


Love me some acid

2018 Portugal Aeropress Champion shares a recipe to hero the acidy fruitiness of the coffee.

From a Barista

Tim Wendelboe

A simple AeroPress recipe for a filter like coffee, as used in Tim Wendelboe cafe in Oslo, Norway.

From a Barista


Learn how to brew a sweet and balanced cup of coffee.

From an Enthusiast

AeroPress Iced Latte

Dark chocolate, sandalwood and umami seaweed. Full bodied and gives a good kick!

From a Barista

The only AeroPress recipe you'll ever need

The crew at The Coffee Compass offer us a simple, versatile and tasty AeroPress recipe.

From an Enthusiast

Two Big Cups - One Brew

AeroPress for 2! This recipe produces one large cup of coffee, or enough to share with a friend :)

From an Enthusiast

V60 Style Aeropress (light roast)

For a V60 style brew with your AeroPress (the light roast version).

From a Barista

For the sweetest cup

Slow press for the sweetness. Bypass for the bright acidity.

From a Barista

AeroPress Espresso

A great recipe to use as a base for brewing 'espresso' type coffee on the Aeropress

From an Enthusiast

Low effort, big reward

Throw your plunger away, let gravity do the talking. This long time, low effort recipe is worth the wait.


2015 World AeroPress Championship - 1st place

2015 WAC Winning recipe by Lukas Zahradnik from Slovakia.

From an Enthusiast

Rule of Thirds

A simple AeroPress recipe, for all coffees - good to use as a benchmark for a coffee's taste and flavour notes.

From a Barista

EVP's Iced Coffee

A smooth, almost like cold brewed iced coffee, but with a thicker, syrupy body.

From an Enthusiast

Single Cup of Joy

An AeroPress recipe for that 1 perfect cup of coffee that you can drink before it goes cold.

From an Enthusiast

Alan Adler Original

The creator himself, Mr Alan Adler's favourite recipe. Does the boss know best? You be the judge...

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