13g that makes you happy

For almost all coffee process this AeroPress recipe will surely work.

This AeroPress recipe make your cup balanced, sweet and mostly you will avoid getting an under extracted cup.

*Update: *If you feel that your coffee need more extraction just give 5x more stirs at step #4... or add 10s more to your blooming time (step #3).

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


All honey process


90°C / 194°F
  1. Prep your aeropress in inverted position
  2. Add your coffee ground.
  3. Blooming - add 30g water, stir 5x, wait until 30s
  4. At 30s, pour water until 180gr then stir again 5x
  5. Wait until 1:30
  6. Flip your AeroPress and press slowly for 1 minute - should finish at around 02:30.
  7. Wait 20-30 seconds, then serve and enjoy!