15g of Fine Robusta

Robusta beans are typically known for their bitter notes and have a reputation as being undesirable compared to Arabica in the specialty coffee world.

This AeroPress recipe will help take your cup of Robusta from sour and bitter to balanced, sweet and mostly you will avoid getting an under-extracted cup.

If you feel that your coffee needs more or less extraction, just wait more or less 30s at step 5.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Fine Robusta Medium - Medium Dark


90°C / 194°F
  1. Prepare your AeroPress in the inverted position
  2. Add your coffee ground (I use TimemoreC2, 15-16 clicks), use 1 paper filter (u can use 2 for less oily cup)
  3. Blooming - add 30g water, stir 10x, wait until 30s
  4. At 30s, pour water until 180g, then stir 5x
  5. Wait until 2m (30s blooming + 1:30s)
  6. Flip your AeroPress, then press for 30s, should finish at around 2:30s
  7. Wait 20-30s then serve and enjoy your cup

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