2 Cup Iced AeroPress

Creator: Rafail Makris
This is a cold recipe

With this recipe, I developed my favourite way to have an iced coffee. It is juicy, refreshing, and super aromatic cup.

I would recommend an anaerobic coffee but it's really up to you what you would like to use. Hope you enjoy it.

📝 Recipe Notes:

  • 245g water + 100g ice
  • Rinse paper filter is optional

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Light or Medium Roast


88-90°C / NaN°F


  1. Add 100gr of ice in a decanter or server and set aside.
  2. Add your freshly ground coffee to the inverted AeroPress.
  3. Add 45g of water, and stir gently.
  4. Let the coffee bloom for 30sec.
  5. Add the rest of the hot water.
  6. Screw the cap with the filter and carefully remove excess air.
  7. Invert the AeroPress to the decanter and let it steep for 3min.
  8. Press gently for aprox. 60sec over the ice until the hiss.
  9. Swirl the server to melt the remaining ice and serve over fresh ice.

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