2016 World AeroPress Championship - 1st place

This is the recipe used by Filip Kucharczyk - winner of the 2016 World Aeropress Championship in Dublin, Ireland.

" I wanted to come up with something easy. And with this method you can prepare delicious coffee without any sophisticated tools. "

You can read all of the above great interview with Filip here.

Props to European Coffee Trip (creators of the Aeropress Movie) for this great video!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter




84°C / 183°F


  1. Add your coffee to the inverted Aeropress Chamber... give it a shake or tap to level
  2. Start the timer
  3. Pour 150gm of water in 15 seconds
  4. Grab a pair of chopsticks and give it a stir for 20 seconds
  5. At 1:00 flip your Aeropress, give it a slight swirl
  6. Press for 30 seconds
  7. Once complete, add 100-120gm of water to your tasting

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