2017 World AeroPress Championship - 2nd place

Yusuke Narisawa won the 2nd place at 2017 World AeroPress Championships in Seoul, Korea with this recipe.

It's an interesting recipe because he used two kinds of coffee grounds - 28g coarse grounds and 1.5g very fine grounds. Also, double paper filters have been used to achieve a cleaner cup.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Coarse (with a sprinkle of fine grounds)
Light to medium roast


85°C / 185°F


  1. Add coffee to the inverted AeroPress
  2. Tare the scale and start timer
  3. Add 70g water and stir 20 times
  4. Add 100g water
  5. Put filter cap (with wet double paper filter) in place and flip the AeroPress
  6. Press slowly until 1:50
  7. Add 75g hot water

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