2021 World AeroPress Championship - 3rd Place

This is the 2021 World AeroPress Championship 3rd place, recipe by Brandon Smith of South Africa.

A couple of interesting facts about Brandon's WAC experience, via Brandon's instagram:

1. This is my first time ever competing in any coffee competition so I'm stoked to be placed 3rd in the world 🥉🌍

2. Due to delays with shipping and customs in South Africa, I only received the coffee after the championship was already over 🤯 This means I had to use a different coffee to craft a recipe and hope for the best, I'd say that 3rd in the world is not bad at all!

Some additional recipe details:

WATER: 140g @88C + 80g @75C bypass

BREW TIME: 2:00 + 1:30 cool down

Have you tried it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium-fine (18clicks on Comandante)


88 + 75°C / NaN°F
140 + 80mL
  1. Start timer as coffee hits the grounds. 140g single pour in 10 secs with 88C° water.
  2. Place kettle down to the side and take the lid off.
  3. Stir from front to back 5x gently with AeroPress stirrer.
  4. Rinse 1 paper filter and place cap on.
  5. Press until the air is out.
  6. At 1:25 flip onto a cup and swirl once.
  7. At 1:30 start pressing for 30 secs through the hiss.
  8. Bypass with 80g water at 75C°.
  9. Transfer into a decanter and serve into cups.
  10. Let stand for 1min30sec and serve.

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