2022 Indian AeroPress Championship - 1st Place

Category: Championship
Creator: Pratik Sharma

Try this recipe with washed beans and let me know your thoughts in the comments :)

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Double washed process ⁠


85°C + 81°C°C / NaN°F
  1. Add 18g of ground coffee into AeroPress⁠.
  2. Pour 45ml of 85°C water in 10-12 seconds⁠.
  3. At 20 seconds, gently stir 3 times back and front, 3 times left and right .
  4. Slowly add remaining 140ml of water at 81°C. ⁠
  5. Place the cap and wait till timer reaches 1:30.
  6. Flip at 1:30 and start plunging from 1:40 to 2:10.
  7. Aerate the coffee before serving⁠.

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