2023 World AeroPress Championship - 1st Place

Creator:Dag Press

Here's an intriguing recipe that introduces an intermediate step: adding fresh coffee to the brew. It's certainly a departure from the traditional AeroPress method you're accustomed to.

📝 Recipe Notes:

  • Grind size: Coarse, 1ZPresso ZP6: 65 clicks; Comandante C40: 29 clicks
  • Filter: 1 paper filter, rinsed
  • Dose: 18g total; 16g in step 2 and 2g in step 4⁠
  • Beans: Washed Kenya AB from Karindundu, Nyeri sourced by Cafe Imports, roasted by Fieldwork Coffee

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Washed Kenya AB


89°C / 192°F
  1. Grind 18g of coffee.
  2. Put 16g (keep 2g for step 4.) coffee into the AeroPress, start timer and pour 100g of hot water.
  3. Use 1 side of a chopstick and stir in a circular motion for 5 seconds at 0:30⁠.
  4. Put in another 2g of coffee at 0:45⁠.
  5. Stir for another 5 seconds at 0:55⁠.
  6. Press down the AeroPress to bring the plunger up and remove any excess air. Close the cap⁠.
  7. Flip carefully and press down at 1:35 for about 30 seconds. Your yield should be around 75g +/-⁠.
  8. Bypass with room temperature water to 115g⁠ (+40g).
  9. Bypass with hot water to 155g +/-⁠ (+40g or to taste).
  10. Taste, and serve.⁠

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