A coffee from Twin Peaks 🦉⛰⛰☕

Creator: David LOG

Twin Peaks made me fall in love with coffee, so this recipe is somehow my tribute to this amazing show you definitely should watch!

For this recipe I use a black honey coffee from Costa Rica, but you could use any other coffee from Kenya, Ethiopia, or anywhere else you like.

Recipe Notes:

  • Grind coffee a little bit coarser than espresso
  • Ideally with honey processed coffee

Tried this recipe? Lets us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Fine (a little bit coarser than espresso)
Medium Roast


99°C / 210°F


  1. Put 15 g of finely grinded coffee in your reversed AeroPress.
  2. Add 90 mL of boiling water.
  3. At 00:05 stir gently 10 times - it should take +/ 15 seconds.
  4. At 00:20 add 30 mL of water.
  5. At 01:00 put the cap on.
  6. At 01:30 reverse the AeroPress on your mug and swirl vigorously for two seconds.
  7. At 02:00 give a gentle press and stop just before the hiss. It should take 20 seconds.
  8. Cut a slice of cherry pie and enjoy your damn fine cup of coffee.

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