A Fruity Perspective 🍒🍊🍋🍍

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While exploring these certain set of beans I realised they pushed more towards the conventional set of flavour notes but I wanted more and tried something not so usual (at least to me). It’s very important to use a medium darkish set of beans and just let the recipe do its work.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Meduim (Hario V60 electric grinder - 18)(EK-5)
Medium or Medium-Dark (with some fruity notes only if possible )


90°C / 194°F


  1. Start the timer and add 20 grams V of water to the 15 grams of coffee in the AeroPress ( Yes, it’s a weird Bloom) .
  2. Mix the water and coffee slurry and flatten the bed of coffee using the stirrer (the consistency will be looking very dense but that’s normal).
  3. At 1:00 add the rest of the water.
  4. At 2:20 put the filter cap and remove any excess air.
  5. At 3:30 flip the AeroPress and give it a proper swirl to make sure all the coffee is mixed properly.
  6. Start pressing slowly and finish pressing the brew until 4:30.
  7. Take off the AeroPress and let the coffee rest for another 30 seconds.
  8. Swirl the brewed coffee and pour into a cup and enjoy.

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