Acidy Hybrid 1:13.333

Creator: Benedek Suri

The idea came from a conversation on Reddit, the commenter stating the fruity acids come from the percolation phase:

By percolation here, it means leaving it to site in standard position with no plunger to stop it dripping, so the water slowly drips through for a minute or so before plunging.

By using a hybrid of percolation and immersion while brewing your AeroPress, you might reap the benefits that come from both methods.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Light roast


99°C / 210°F


  1. Set up the AeroPress in the standard way without rinsing the paper, then add coffee
  2. Bloom: Fill 50ml water stir it and wait 30s
  3. Percolation: Fill the remaining 190ml of water, stir it and wait until 2:00 (1.5 mins)
  4. Press: Add the plunger and press gently for about 30s
  5. Enjoy your drink