This recipe produces around 60 ml of intense coffee with rich body. Similar to a double shot of espresso.

Inspired by techniques shown in the videos below:

AeroPress Makes Espresso: No, Really

AeroPress Maximum Crema - normal vs inverted

Recipe notes:

  • Need 2 extra paper filters cut to plunger size

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Finer than filter, slightly coarser than espresso
Espresso roast


100°C / 212°F


  1. Add gorund coffee to AeroPress in standard position. Tap AeroPress to level bed.
  2. Add 2 extra paper filters on top of coffee bed in the brewing chamber.
  3. Pour water off the boil on top of fiter papers, aim for the center.
  4. Let it infuse for 1 to 2 mins
  5. Plunge slowly and steadily for about 60 seconds, all the way through until the coffee bed has been fully compressed. Beware of extra resistance when pressing!
  6. Enjoy it pure or over frothed milk!

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