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I did in no way, shape or form invent this recipe nor do I take any credit. This is just a fusion of different recipes I've tried and what has gotten me the results I was looking for.

It's truly simple. Two paper filters - one under the grounds, one on top of the grounds. No stirring is needed. Press as hard as you can. Voilà!

P.S. The water temperature range is for the different levels of roast - 80°C for very dark roast, and then the lighter the roast, the higher the temperature.

Pro tip: If it is too hard to plunge, coarsen up the grounds.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Fine (11 clicks on Timemore C2)
Any coffee that would work for espresso


80-96°C / NaN°F
  1. Put in filter and screw on cap
  2. Put in coffee grounds and shake to settle
  3. Put second filter in on grounds and gently tamp with makeshift tamper (easiest way to do this is to wet the filter and attach it to surface of what ever you are using to tamp with)
  4. Pour in water and let it sit for about 10 seconds
  5. Plunge like there is no tomorrow and Enjoy!

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