AeroPress Americano

This is a relatively simple recipe using the Fellow Prismo, with a longer steep time and a bypass. This brew delivers rich, robust flavour in every sip.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Works for all but adjust temp according to roast


90-100°C / NaN°F
  1. Grind your coffee (between 2 - 3 on Fellow Ode)
  2. Pre-heat your AeroPress and server while rinsing the paper filter
  3. Dump your ground coffee
  4. Pour 90ml of water and have 150ml ready to use
  5. Stir from side to side 5 - 10s, avoid circular motion
  6. Place your plunger on top
  7. Wait until 3:00
  8. Start pressing the AeroPress
  9. After you finish pressing pour 150ml of water to your cup
  10. Enjoy.

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