Better than Senseo pads (with milk)

I struggled to convince my SO that AeroPress with good coffee is better than "Tchibo Feine Milde" Senseo pads... This did it.

šŸ“ Recipe Notes:

  • Grind size: On Timemore C3 Pro Max it's good at 12 clicks for the two beans I tested. 1 click under pour-over
  • Milk: 75g of milk, you can use lactose-free milk for more sweetness

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Slighly finer than pour-over
For coffee with milk


99Ā°C / 210Ā°F
  1. Wet the paper filter, so it sticks to cap.
  2. Start timer, add 150g of boiling water.
  3. Agitate for 15 seconds.
  4. Put cap on, flip at 1:30.
  5. Swirl, then wait until 2:00.
  6. Press gently for 30s-60s.
  7. Add 75g of milk.

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