AeroPress by Nemesis Coffee

An AeroPress recipe from Nemesis coffee roasters in Vancouver.

This is a simple recipe that produces a very clean cup with filter-like qualities.

Recipe notes:

Grind size: medium fine - 19 clicks on Comandante.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


medium fine (19 clicks on a comadante)
Light: Think Ethiopian: floral, fruitbomb coffees with stonefruit and citrus tasting notes


96°C / 204°F
  1. Pre-wet your filter.
  2. Place the Aeropress upside down (inverted) on the scale and tare.
  3. Add 13g of medium-fine ground coffee and tare again.
  4. Start the timer and add 200g of water.
  5. Remove the Aeropress from the scale, stir 6 times and screw the lid on.
  6. Carefully press all the air out by pulling down on the Aeropress.
  7. At 1:10, place your carafe on top of the Aeropress and flip.
  8. Press for 20 secs.
  9. Serve.

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