AeroPress Iced Latte

Creator: Mark C Visit
This is a cold recipe

An awesome Iced Latte recipe for the AeroPress.

Dark chocolate, sandalwood and umami seaweed. Full bodied and gives a good kick!

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium Fine
Monsooned Malabar


92°C / 197°F
  1. Grind 18g of beans (5 Clicks on a Porlex Mini)
  2. Wet paper filter
  3. Add grounds into AeroPress
  4. Add 60 ml of hot water, stir continuously for first 40 seconds, cap the AeroPress and brew until 2 minutes is up
  5. While waiting for coffee to brew, prepare 5 cubes of ice and 130ml of milk in a mug
  6. Once 2 minutes is up, set AeroPress on top the mug and plunge for 20 seconds