AeroPress - no scale required

I need a recipe I can use when I don't have a scale e.g. at the office or hiking. So I used the scoop as the starting point for this recipe and adjusted the amount of water by placing the plunger instead of using the scale.

The recipe uses a ratio of 1:12. Depending on the coffee, you might need to adjust the placement of the plunger to adjust the amount of water.

📝 Recipe Notes:

  • One scoop of whole beans (standard AeroPress scoop) medium roast is ~14 grams, set the plunger between 3 & E (this also applies to AeroPress GO)
  • One scoop of grounds, and medium roast is ~12 grams. If you use pre-grind coffee, set the plunger between 2 and 3
  • 4 clicks on Rhino Hand grinder (2022 model) or 6th mark from the right Wilfa Svart
  • It works well with Arabica Caturra from Mexico, e.g. Veracruz or Chiapas
  • Optional to rinse the paper filter

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium, Arabica Caturra from Mexico


92°C / 197°F


  1. Place plunger between 3 and E.
  2. Add the coffee and shake it to level.
  3. Start the timer, pour water until the chamber is 3/4 full.
  4. Stir 4-5 times.
  5. Pour water until the chamber is full and put on filter cap.
  6. At 2:00, place AeroPress on a cup.
  7. At 2:30, press.

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