Aeropress Number 4

Creator: Piet

This recipe is not about scales, it’s about good tasting coffee by using the numbers on the Aeropress.

Ca. 17g= Heaped Aeropress scoop!

When I got a new coffee, I start by grind it on the finer side of medium. If the coffee is too bitter go coarser at the next try. Do this step by step until you find the right grind.

Tip: Let your coffee cool down for a awhile. The taste of your coffee changes depending on the temperature.


Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Whatever you like, but keep it fresh


90°C / 194°F


  1. Rinse your paper filter.
  2. Heat up your cup and Aeropress with hot water.
  3. Put your 17g of coffee (heaped Aeropress scoop) in your Aeropress.
  4. Bloom: add water until all of the coffee is wet, slew it around or give it a quick stir.
  5. Wait until 30sec. , than put in water until number 4 on the Aeropress.
  6. Stir 3 times.
  7. Insert plunger to prevent water dripping through.
  8. At 1:30 take of the plunger an stir for 3 times.
  9. Insert plunger and press. This should take around 30sec.
  10. Enjoy!