AeroPress, on the rocks

Creator:Keagan Green
This is a cold recipe

"I'll have an AeroPress on the rocks please, shaken not stirred".

This one is a fun recipe I like to use during the summertime to make a velvety and delicious cup of iced coffee, with a nice foam to it that reactivates the aromatics after its been iced!

If you've got a martini shaker handy give this one a try, and let us know what you think in the comments below!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Something light and fruity, I use Onyx’s Tropical Weather


92°C / 197°F
  1. Wet two filters
  2. Add 18g finely ground coffee to inverted aeropress
  3. Add 50g hot water for bloom
  4. Stir for ten seconds
  5. At 30 seconds add to 200g of water, let sit for two minutes with filters on top
  6. Put 150 g ice in your martini shaker
  7. Plunge your Aeropress into your shaker for 30 seconds
  8. Cap your martini shaker and shake vigorously for thirty seconds
  9. Serve over ice!
  10. Enjoy!

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