Alan Adler's Cold Brew AeroPress Recipe

Creator: Alan Adler
This is a cold recipe

Alan Adler recently created a new AeroPress recipe for a cold brew coffee. Unlike the usual cold brew methods, this AeroPress recipe only takes about 2 minutes to make. It is perfect for people who likes cold brew coffee but don't want to wait for 5 or 6 hours.

European Coffee Trip made a how-to video for this recipe. In the video, Alex said usually he's not a big fan of cold brew coffee. However by using this recipe, the coffee still tastes sweet, aromatic and has a nice acidity. It's definitely worth a try!

PS: Alan recommends using Yirgacheffe beans from Ethiopia; This recipe uses room temperature water for brewing.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter




20°C / 68°F
  1. Add 15g fine grinds coffee into your AeroPress.
  2. Add room temperature water to level-1 (about 60 - 70g water).
  3. Keep stirring for 60s.
  4. Gently press for 60s.
  5. Dilute with ice water or ice cube for your own taste.

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