Alan Adler Original

This is the recipe recommended by Aeropress inventor Alan Adler, from the official Aeropress website. With so many great Aeropress recipes floating around from professionals and home enthusiasts alike, sometimes it is easy to forget the original recipe that's right in front of us.

Give it a try, let us know if the boss knows best!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Whatever suits your fancy


80°C / 176°F


  1. Push plunger out of chamber.
  2. Put a filter in the cap and twist the cap onto the chamber.
  3. Stand chamber on a sturdy mug and put 1 scoop of fine drip grind coffee in chamber.
  4. Give chamber a shake to level the bed of coffee.
  5. Add 175°F (80°C) hot water to Level 2 on the chamber.
  6. Stir 10 seconds.
  7. Insert plunger and press gently for 20 to 40 seconds.
  8. Remove cap, push plunger to eject used coffee and rinse rubber seal.
  9. This produces a concentrate or 'esperesso' style coffee. Simply add hot water to your tasting to make more of an 'Americano' style coffee.