Amazing Acidity & Body

"I designed this recipe to produce a high acidity & body with light sweetness & low bitterness."

This AeroPress recipe is modelled after cupping techniques and the flavours you'll get out of this really depend on the coffee.

I prefer to use a coffee from Ethiopia or Kenya in which case you might get notes of lemon, dried strawberries, stone fruits and jasmine

This AeroPress recipe employs the use of WPM ZD-10T

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


4 in WPM ZD-10T
ethiopian-Rei(roast in iran)


90°C / 194°F
  1. Grind 35gm of coffee.
  2. Preheat and pre-wet your paper filter and the AeroPress chamber
  3. Place the AeroPress on top of your mug in the standard position. Add your coffee
  4. Start your timer
  5. 0 - 30 seconds --> add 90gr hot water at 90°C
  6. 30 - 40 seconds --> stir(6x) and rest
  7. 40 - 60 seconds --> add 50gr hot water at 90°C
  8. 1:00 - 1:05 --> Place the plunger back on
  9. 1:05 - 1:35 --> press slowly! Once you hear the hiss, STOP your press
  10. and finally add 50gr hot water in 79°C (bypass) . enjoy

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