Anaerobic Wonder - Cup of Coffee

This recipe is best for Anaerobic - Catuai variety coffees. I use the one toasted by Café Dore.

The goal of this recipe is to balance the natural acidic flavors of the anaerobic process with the natural sweetness of the variety.

It will use 20% of the brewing bypass to enhance the notes.

Use 2 paper filters. Grind beans to fine - medium, 14 clicks Timemore C2.

Better served between 75° to 80°.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Fine - Medium - 14 clicks Timemore C2
Minas Gerais, Brasil - Catuai, Anaerobic


90°C / 194°F
  1. Set brewer in inverted position. Rinsing 2 paper filters.
  2. Put 20gs of coffee and bloom the it with B 40ml water. Aiming to wet all the coffee during pouring.
  3. Start a timer and let it Bloom for 00:40 seconds.
  4. At 00:40 seconds add 200ml water in 20 seconds.
  5. At 1:00 minute start to stir very gently for 30 seconds.
  6. At 1:30 stop stirring and wait for 60 seconds.
  7. At 2:30 place the cap, remove the air and flip and start plunging for 60 seconds.
  8. At 3:30 you will end up with ~160ml of beverage. Bypass is with 40ml of water.
  9. Let it cold to 75-80°. Stir and enjoy!

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