Aroma and Sweetness

Giving a long bloom allows the acidity and aroma to be better extracted. And a coarser brew lets the drink sit on the sweeter side of the balance.

Feel free to brew longer for more overall balance and complexity.

📝 Recipe Notes:

  • Use beans that have fruitier profiles and less chocolate
  • Bypass with 20g boiling water

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Recipe details:

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Beans that have fruitier profiles and less chocolate


100°C / 212°F


  1. Add 50g water to 13g coarse ground coffee.
  2. Stir and leave plunger on till 1:00.
  3. Add water to a total of 180g.
  4. Put plunger on and let brew till 3:00.
  5. Push and add 20g boiling water for bypass.

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