Balanced Starbucks Dark Roast

Creator: Anonymous

This recipe has the perfect balance of chocolate, fruit and bitterness without being overpowering, heavy and burnt.

*Optional* Add excess hot water to taste for strength but this recipe is fairly well balanced for my taste.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Starbucks Dark Roast (any variety)


96°C / 204°F


  1. Place 2 AeroPress filter papers into basket, and place basket onto cup.
  2. Place 18g coffee into inverted Aeropress, with plunger set to (4). Pre-heating not required.
  3. Take water off boil and let rest 10 seconds.
  4. Rinse filter paper in basket (on top of cup) with 50 mL hot water. This preheats and rinses.
  5. Start timer, and pour hot water into Aeropress chamber to the top within 30 sec.
  6. Spiritedly stir with spoon for then next 30 seconds. Place filter and basket on top.
  7. At 1:45, flip Aeropress over onto cup and press down on plunger over the next 30-60 sec.
  8. Stir coffee in cup, and enjoy!

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