Blooming Chrysanthemum

When it is hard to find coffee with floral notes or lighter roasting profile adding some Chrysanthemum might help need.

In chinese tea recipes it is common to blend tea leaves with flowers, herbs or spices. We can incorporate that in coffee as well.

I use medium grind size (Commandante 20 Clicks).

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


medium (Comandante 20 Clicks)
Medium Roast


100°C / 212°F
  1. Wash paper filters and add 2 grams of Chrysanthemum leaves and coffee grounds in the AeroPress
  2. start timer and pour in 50ml water and stir for 10 times
  3. at 00:30 fill up to 200ml and stir 10 times when done pouring
  4. at 01:00 close the lid
  5. at 01:15 flip the AeroPress and give it 2-3 swirls
  6. at 01:30 press until 02:15
  7. Let it cool down a bit and enjoy :)

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