Blue Bottle Recipe

This is the standard recommended recipe from Blue Bottle for brewing a great cup with little-to-no fuss.

If you like a stronger tasting brew, add 2-3 grams more coffee.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium - Fine
Light / Medium


94°C / 201°F


  1. Rinse filter with hot water
  2. Invert your aeropress and dump coffee
  3. Start timer and add 30g of hot water (around 200F)
  4. Stir slightly to saturate all grounds and let it sit for 30 sec
  5. Add the rest of the water in
  6. After 1 minute has elapsed, stir 10 times to agitate
  7. Place cap, invert and press.
  8. Your brew should finish around 1:30 to 1:45

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