Blue Collar Coffee

Sometimes you don't have time or wish or possibillity to use fancy grinders or fancy coffee. Sometimes You're making construction work in the middle of nowhere, have your lunchbox and electric kettle and a brick of pre ground coffee from small grocery store near that 'nowhere".

This AeroPress recipe is for you.

Just try it.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Roasted notes, chocolate with fruity bite, fresh and clear


96°C / 204°F


  1. Prepare your aeropress, wet filter and lock cap in position, place it over mug (about 330 ml).
  2. Add full measure of espresso ground coffee (aeropress spoon holds about 10-11 grams).
  3. Add 60 grams of hot water and start timer. Stir for about 25 seconds then fill with water to the upper part of "4" mark and insert plunger.
  4. Wait until timer shows 2'15" and start pressing.
  5. Press for about 40 seconds, stop at the first hiss.
  6. Enjoy

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