"Borrowed" from April #35

Haven't tried yet, just recording somewhere for posterity I can find. More to come. Needs tweaking for my taste. I know baristas, baristas are my friends, I am no barista! But I like what I like, and like less what I don't like, so stay tuned

Recipe details:

Metal Filter




88°C / 190°F


  1. Choose coarsest grind
  2. Water to 88C/190F
  3. Invert Aeropress
  4. Pour over 10 sec 120g water
  5. Stir grounds 15 sec
  6. Insert paper filter into filter holder, place stainless steel filter on top. Dampen to keep from falling out, and screw on.
  7. Place funnel in large mug, flip Aeropress gently, and place on funnel.
  8. Wait about 30 sec
  9. Plunge slowly till mid to late hiss. Don't squeeze out the last drops like I used to do. This is not gold! Yet!
  10. Dilute with 100g water

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