Caravan Coffee

The timings are nicely defined on this recipe by Kat from Caravan Coffee

Follow the steps correctly and hopefully you will get a a bright and fruity cup with exaggerated high notes.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Slightly coarser than espresso grind
A light to medium roast with citrus undertones


88°C / 190°F


  1. First 5 seconds - pour 130 ml water over grounds (up to the #3 on the AeroPress)
  2. :05-:30 Bloom
  3. :30-:45 Stir/agitate
  4. :45-:50 Pour remaining water until you reach 250 ml (#4 on AeroPress)
  5. :50-1:30 Let it brew
  6. 1:30-2:00/2:15 Slowly plunge out your liquid gold

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