Championship Cold Water Bypass

I crafted this recipe for the 2019 Canadian National Aeropress competition.

It intentionally makes use of some room temperature water in a creative way to bring the cup down to drinking temperature quickly for judges to taste.

It'll work at home too and allow you to drink it right away!

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Any naturally processed coffee or full bodied washed.


85°C / 185°F
  1. Rinse two paper filters with room temperature water
  2. Pour 20g room temperature water into a shot glass
  3. Preheat water to 85°C
  4. Grind coffee and dose into inverted Aeropress set around the 3 mark
  5. Pour 50g of water and agitate thoroughly with stir stick for 20 sec.
  6. Pour 100g of water and cap
  7. Press Aeropress lightly until all the air has been removed from the chamber
  8. Flip at 1:00 and press steadily for 30 sec. into a room temperature serving vessel
  9. Bypass with 80g of 85° water and stir
  10. Add your final 20g of room temperature water and stir

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