Cheffe's 7-minute Cold Brew

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This is a cold recipe

This recipe is inspired by the standard coffee cupping method.

In this recipe, Cheffe uses room temperature water with a 4-minute long stir to fully extract the coffee. This is perfect is you are outdoors and don't have access to hot water. Or if you want a bit of arm exercise ;)

Cheffe's recipe will give you a clean, well extracted cold brew without the woody taste from normal cold brew coffee.

He uses double paper filters for AeroPress brewing most of the time to achieve a cleaner cup.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Ethiopian Yirgacheffe


30°C / 86°F
  1. Rinse two paper filters with tap water, put 12g coffee in the inverted AeroPress.
  2. Start the timer, add 26g room temperature water (around 30°C).
  3. Give the coffee a good swirl, then let it sit still to 1 min mark.
  4. Add 180g room temperature water in 20sec.
  5. use the original stirrer keep stirring for 4mins in a "W" shape (about 1sec/time).
  6. Let it sit for 1 min.
  7. Stir in the "W" shape once, put the cap on, flip and gently press for 1 min.

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