Coffeefusion AeroPress recipe

The coffeefusion used this AeroPress recipe to win a 2nd place in the 2018 WA (Western Australia) AeroPress Championship.

To capture the floral and sweet notes from the Ethiopian beans, he used room temperature water for the bloom. This also made the final cup easy to drink, and easier to find the different flavour notes in the coffee.

Two paper filters are used in this recipe.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter




99°C / 210°F
  1. Add 19g of Coarsely ground coffee to the inverted AeroPress.
  2. Add 30g room temperature water, give it a good stir, and let it soak until 1:00.
  3. Add 200g 99°C water, stir well and let it brew until 2:00.
  4. Add the cap (with double paper filters), flip and press for 30s.
  5. Give the coffee a stir, and enjoy!

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