An original cocktail based on Cointreau® and a rich espresso.

- 40ml of espresso
- 80ml of tonic water
- 20ml of Cointreau®
- Some ice
- (Optional) A twist of orange peel

Choose a transparent glass, to get a better effect.

Can be done with "cold brew" using less tonic water (about 1:1 ratio).

Recipe details:

Metal Filter


Rich body, not too dark


90°C / 194°F


  1. Get your coffee ground to a medium-fine grind size
  2. Add your coffee to your AeroPress and pour in 45g of water
  3. Stir for 30 seconds
  4. Let it sit for about a minute and 30 seconds
  5. Put ice into your glass
  6. Pour Cointreau® liquor over it
  7. Add tonic water
  8. Slowly pour coffee onto the glass (about 30s)
  9. (Optional) Add orange zest to the rim of the glass

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