Dark Roast Americano

This method makes a great Americano style coffee or latte with the AeroPress.

I find the robust flavors develop really well and it brings out nutty and chocolate notes well.

Recipe notes:

  • Use the provided Prismo metal filter beneath the paper filter so you do not blow out the center of the paper filter when pressing.
  • The amount of beans says 18, but you should get good results using anything from 16-18 - tweak to your tastes.
  • The first 120ml of water is 90(c), the next 30ml is to be room temperature.

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium Fine
Darker roasts with nutty and chocolate notes


90.5°C / 194°F


  1. Start your timer and slowly pour in 120mL of water over 30 seconds making sure to soak all grounds
  2. At 1 minute add 30mL of room temp water
  3. Swirl the Aeropress gently 3 times
  4. At 1:35 press aggressively all the way down to the coffee puck to generate some creme
  5. Add 30-50mL of hot water to taste

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