DIY Cold Drip using the AeroPress

This is a cold recipe

Setting up a professional cold drip operation at home might not be on your wishlist due to time and costs, but this recipe is proof you can achieve something pretty good at the expense of a 600mL water bottle.

Follow this recipe for a brew that is refreshing, rich in flavour and delicious.

The recipe recommends a coarse grind, but feel free to experiment for different results. Beware the finer your grind it will typically take longer for all the water to drip through.

If you like what you can achieve with this recipe and want the process to be a bit simpler next time, take a look at the PUCKPUCK recipe.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter




15°C / 59°F
  1. Add your paper filter to the AeroPress cap and rinse thoroughly before placing the AeroPress upright on top of a caraffe (or vessel that holds about 500mL water)
  2. Coarsely grind 55gm of coffee, add it to your chamber and give it a good tap to level out the bed of coffee
  3. Add a filter paper to the top of the bed of ground coffee. The filter paper helps distribute the water. (This step isn't essential so don't worry too much).
  4. Grab your bottle and tip the water into your vessel. Don’t throw this water out - we will use it for the brew. Cut the bottom of the bottle off. Leave the lid on.
  5. Place the bottle (lid down) into the chamber.
  6. Add 600ml of water to the bottle (the water we saved earlier)
  7. Now the tricky part. By unscrewing the lid slightly we should be able create a drip rate.
  8. We want the drip rate to be about 1 drip per second. You probably need to check the drip rate after about 20 minutes.
  9. When you get your drip rate running well let the water drip away. Check it every now and then to make sure everything is ok.
  10. Once the water is finished you should have a rich and delicious cold drip coffee.

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