Dr Jekyll or Mr Hyde

I was preparing an AeroPress but I put 14 clicks instead of 24 on my JX\-Pro grinder \(translation: espresso fine, instead of moka fine\) and then said "Why not?".

Made a 1:10 ratio, made a wish and gave my best try.

I also used a medium roast blend (50% Colombia "Nariño" - 50% Honduras both washed coffee). I will replicate this aerop-recipe with a dark roast, just to confirm my theories.

You will need just 1 minute and 20 seconds to do the trick, but if you need it, 1:30 its just fine (like the grinding lol).

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think, in the comments below 👇

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Espresso Fine (14 clicks on JX Pro)
Medium roast


95°C / 203°F
  1. Grind coffee (Espresso Fine)
  2. Pre heat AeroPress and rinse the filter
  3. Set your AeroPress - Standard position
  4. Put 10 grams of your favourite coffee
  5. Start timer and gently add 100 grams of water (all the coffee must be moist)
  6. Once you get to 100 grams, stir 5 to 6 times and plug the handle to prevent leaking
  7. When your timer just 50 seconds, start pushing softly. (Try to last at least 30 seconds)
  8. Make a swirl or two in the recipient, then serve. I hope all of you like and enjoy it.
  9. Dr Jekyll Option: add 25-30% of the volume of hot water (gentle Americano)
  10. Mr Hyde Option: add some milk foam to make a macchiato version

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