Easy Morning

I dont really know about coffee, from my experience I got a nice smooth body with clear tasting notes.

PS: I use double filter on this recipe. First put in a paper filter, then a metal filter on top

I also use medium - dark and espresso roast for this recipe. Grind beans on 14 click with Timemore C2.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium - Coarse
Medium - dark and espresso roast


92°C / 197°F
  1. Prepare your coffee ground, I'm using 14 click with Timemore C2
  2. I use cheap metal filter (not the original aeropress metal filter) and 1 OG paper filter. Paper filter first, metal filter on top of it. Pre-wet the filters
  3. Boil your water to 92-93 Celcius
  4. Pour your coffee into the inverted aeropress
  5. Start your timer, pour 25 grams of water. Wait until timer get 0:30
  6. On 0:30 mark, stir 8 times clockwise.
  7. Pour the rest of water (until scale weigh 200gr)
  8. Wait around 15 seconds. Stir 8 times clockwise
  9. Place the filter cap, push till the last drop. Enjoy your coffee :D

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