Extra Chocolatey Full Bodied Cup

Creator: Landon Jones

Just like the name, this recipe will give you a chocolatey full-bodied cup of coffee.

This AeroPress recipe uses room temperature water for blooming and hot water for the rest of the brewing.

75ml cold water - around 18-24°C (65-75°F);

200-250ml hot water - 88-90°C (190-195°F);

It is also recommended to use 2 filters for this recipe.

Tried this recipe? Let us know what you think, in the comments below.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium to Medium-fine (15 on Baratza Encore)
Any. I used Half-Calf from Tony's Coffee.


21 & 88°C / NaN°F
  1. 0-0:10: Add 75mL of 21°C cold water
  2. 0:11-0:25: Let the coffee bloom
  3. 0:26-0:45: Add 200mL of 88°C hot water
  4. 0:46-1:05: Stir consistently
  5. 1:06-1:45: Insert plunger slightly and pull out a bit to create a vacuum; let it brew
  6. 1:46-2:00: Press coffee into a mug
  7. Add between 25mL-50mL of hot water if it's too strong for your taste

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