For Noobs, From a Noob

This embrace flows into your cup to make a full mug of delicious coffee. I use dark roast and accidentally made a great cup and it’s consistently producing great results. You do not need a scale or a temp-controlled kettle.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


1 AeroPress scoop plus a little moreg
Fine to Medium-fine
Dark roast


99°C / 210°F
Up to youmL


  1. Wet paper filter
  2. Put 1 scoop plus a little extra into the chamber
  3. Use water that hasn’t come to a rolling boil then wait until it stops bubbling
  4. Soak the coffee and wait for a the bubbles to go down. Don’t worry if it drips in the cup
  5. Add more water. Fill the puppy up and stir lightly 2-3 times
  6. Water will flow. Dilly dally a bit and water will flow to your mug. Fill with more water
  7. Place the plunger to form a seal
  8. Set timer for two minutes
  9. Slowly plunge
  10. Enjoy at you preferred drinking temperature

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