Fruity coffees by JPanda

Creator: JPanda

This is the experimental recipe that I've made using Ethiopian/Kenyan coffee and the Wilfa Svart grinder.

If using a Wilfa Svart - aim for around second R in AEROPRESS for grind settings and insert the plunger to number three on your AeroPress. I use these parameters because I love being able to taste every note even though coffee is diluted 🐼

For non-Wilfa users, aim for a medium grind.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Ethiopia or Kenya


89°C / 192°F


  1. Start timer, add 30mL of water
  2. Turbulent wiggle by 10 seconds
  3. Let it bloom for another 30 seconds
  4. Pour 85mL of water
  5. Brew for 1 min (At 30sec, put the lid with rinsed filter on; At 50 sec, flip the AeroPress)
  6. Press for 15 seconds, then add 25 mL of water
  7. Stir before your first sip
  8. Enjoy 🐼

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