Great cup. Cheap price.

Creator: Miguel Contreras

This AeroPress recipe was made thinking on the readily available, sometimes almost stale, very dark and cheap roasts. This type of coffee is the one you find at Walmart’s, Mexican supermarkets, etc...

Also, this works with a blade grinder, if like me, you can’t really afford a great burr grinder.

Tasting notes, on the coffee I used, which was Gila Master Blend, are almost banana like, a bit chocolate as well. But a very clean cup and a not so intrusive after taste.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Fine-medium fine (granulated sugar like)
Very dark roasts, cheap, whole grain


85°C / 185°F


  1. Measure and grind 22 grams of coffee
  2. Boil around 600ml of water
  3. Prepare the AeroPress over a cup with 2 filters
  4. Add boiling water to the press up to number 3. Note: you haven’t added the coffee to the press yet
  5. Let the water run down the filters while it heats the Aeropress
  6. Once the water is done running down empty the cup below the AeroPress and put the coffee into the press, set it over the cup again.
  7. Pour ~150grams of 80-85° water to the press and start the timer immediately
  8. Stir vigorously for ~5seconds
  9. At the 45s mark add ~40grams of 80-85°C water and stir slowly for 2 seconds
  10. At 1:10 begin pressing, you want to be done in about 20 seconds (~1:30 mark), but stop as soon as the hissing starts. You may dilute the end result with up to 60grams of water

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