Hello Darkness, My Old Friend

I wanted a daily driver for my morning coffee and I'm a fan of dark roasts.

This should produce a nicely balanced coffee with a good mix of bitterness and acidity. A perfect way to start your day.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter




85°C / 185°F


  1. Set up Aeropress in Inverted orientation on scale, pour in ground coffee.
  2. Start time and slowly pour in 205g of water
  3. At 1:00, stir coffee inside the Aeropress (3 times clockwise, 3 times counterclockwise)
  4. Rinse paper filter and attach filter cap. Allow coffee to brew until 2:30
  5. At 2:30, flip the Aeropress onto cup
  6. Press very slowly until plunger reaches bottom around 3:30
  7. Enjoy!

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