HG Personal AeroPress

Flavor notes

“While the volume of the drink is low I appreciate the almost espresso-like extraction with the heavy body and oily consistency of pulling from a machine. If you're going for a quick punch of caffeine the Aeropress is a joyous beverage creator.”

Suggested Coffee

“Obviously coffee that's the freshest roast date possible, de-gassed about 4 days. My personal preference is a single origin that is flavorful at a City+ to Full City. Lighter roasted coffee's are great fun with the Aeropress but I find the taste goes a little sour for my liking.”


The exact instruction on the manual inside the AeroPress box. With a little modification to the ratio.

Recipe details:

Metal Filter


Espresso Fine
Freshest possible.


93°C / 199°F
  1. Add coffee to chamber and level out the grounds by giving it a shake
  2. Start timer, add 241ml of water
  3. Stir for 10 seconds
  4. Place plunger into the chamber and pull up slightly to create vacuum
  5. Let sit until 1:45, then plunge for 30 seconds
  6. Sip right away for strong cup. Add some water for a more traditional cup. Enjoy!

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