Fellow Prismo HUGE Espresso-style Shot

I just like these BIG espresso styled shots with a nice crema on top. The recipe is similar to the recommended Fellow Prismo recipe but uses the double amount of water and coffee. I use 13 clicks on the Commandante and it works well for me.

I would love to get your feedback on this recipe, so please leave a comment below.

Recipe details:

Metal Filter


fine, something like espresso grind size
dark espresso roast


100°C / 212°F
  1. Grind 40g fresh roasted coffee (1-2 weeks makes best crema).
  2. Preheat your AP with the Prismo attachement screwed on.
  3. Use fresh filtered water just off the boil.
  4. Then add your coffee to the AP.
  5. Start the timer and pour slowly 100g of water (takes you 10-20 secs).
  6. Now stir like crazy for 20-30 seconds (I like to go with 25 secs).
  7. When the timer hits the one minute mark, put the AP on a mug or thick glass and put the plunger on.
  8. Now press very hard at the beginning, to compress the puck and keep pressing hard and even till the plunger reaches the coffee bed.
  9. You should get a nice crema (should last at least 30 secs, if it doesn't maybe the coffee beans were not fresh enough or your pressing was to weak or stirring not long enough).
  10. Now give your coffee a stir and enjoy!

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