Ice brew for the summer

Creator: Nils Visit
This is a cold recipe

Need an iced coffee for this summer? This recipe makes lemonade-like chilled coffee by using light roast beans with fruity notes.

You need 130g of ice cubes for brewing. After brewing, pour coffee into another vessel before serving into a glass - this will mix the coffee liquid well with the melting ice.

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Recipe details:

Paper Filter


Medium (20 clicks on Comandante C40)
A fruity 86+ light roast


96°C / 204°F
  1. Rinse your filter
  2. Add 130g of ice cubes into your brewing vessel
  3. Put your AeroPress on top of the vessel and fill it with the coffee
  4. Add all of the water and give your brew a good stir with a spoon
  5. Insert your plunger in a 30° angle and pull it up a little to create a vacuum
  6. Wait till 1:45 and press, finish at 2:00
  7. Pour your brewed coffee into another vessel to mix it
  8. Serve it in a glass while it is still cold. Enjoy!

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