2022 Indian AeroPress Championship - Bengaluru Region

This recipe produces a coffee with a good body and long-lasting flavour. Its distinct taste makes it highly memorable - with a slightly acidic flavour note.

Recipe details:

Paper Filter




89°C / 192°F
  1. Heat water in a kettle at 89°C.
  2. Place the filter paper in the filter cap, rinse the filter paper with hot water, keep it aside for the meantime.
  3. Grind 18g of coffee to a medium-fine grind size.
  4. Add 18g of coffee to the inverted aeropress, place it on the scale and tear it.
  5. Pour 70mL of hot water in 30 seconds for the initial bloom.
  6. Pour the rest of the water till the scale reaches 206mL .
  7. Stir the coffee with the aeropress paddle (2x left to right and 2x up and down) till there's no coffee settled below.
  8. Wait for 10 seconds and add the filter cap to the aeropress.
  9. Place a cup above the filter cap, hold it in place and invert the entire thing.
  10. Plunge continuously till you hear a hissing sound, then, lift the aeropress from the cup. Your aeropress is ready to serve.

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